Nature and Our Actions

A recent post to by Mattthew Kelly, entitled “What Can Nature Teach Us About Ourselves” allowed me to reflect on the rhythm of life and its power. It got me thinking of another aritcle by Fr. Longenecker entitled “Evaluating Disasters”, which allowed me to reflect on nature and the many disasters we have experienced of late.

If our holiness can lead to beauty, peace and harmony and the earths reaction to that, then could the oppposite  occur by our sin? What if our sins had a direct effect on the earth? Could our actions affect the rhythm of the created order? So, while we tend to either blame God, or question why he would let such diasters strike, maybe we should turn to ourselves. Do our sins have a ripple affect to the point of disturbing the life cycle of the earth? God created the world to communicate his glory. But, if we are not doing that, then what might happen? Instead of being collaborators with God’s will in completing his work of creation, could we be helping to bring it to destruction?


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